Bradley Dye
Vice President/Senior Strategist

Mr. Dye was born in the heart of the coal fields in Kanawha County, West Virginia. He began his career working for the first fifteen years with American Electric Power’s Fuel Supply Division.

During his tenure, he was exposed to many facets of the coal industry, serving in various capacities, from a local mine purchasing agent to the manager of contracts for the corporate office. He was involved in several projects during the escalated construction of several coal mines and coal preparation plants. Waste minimization and the collection of coal fines were of particular interest, as the mines introduced froth flotation into the United States to more efficiently collect coal fines to ship rather than sending them to coal refuse piles. Additionally, coal refuse stabilization was brought to the forefront by utilizing waste products from steel mills and gypsum plants to solidify coal slurries.

While production was always the driving force to enable funding for research projects, other important parts of the business, such as world-class reclamation projects from mining operations, the potential for coal gasification, the transportation of coal slurries, and best practices for showing that coal and the environment could coexist, After being recruited from the coal industry, Bradley served in various capacities while working with Lockheed on a 39-shipset order.

Mr. Dye graduated from Morris Harvey College in Charleston, West Virginia, and has resided in Florida for the past twenty-five years with his wife and family.

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