Power Generators

Power Generators

Advance Green Energy offers a state-of-the-art power generator solution that combines high efficiency, fast installation, and a slow-turning prime mover. With our power generator, you no longer need to build close to the grid—instead, you become the grid.

Experience the following features and benefits when you choose our power generator:

  • After-Sales Support: Our team provides dedicated after-sales support to ensure smooth operations and address any concerns or issues that may arise.
  • Lowest O&M Costs on the Market: We offer the lowest Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs in the industry, allowing you to optimize your budget and achieve maximum returns on investment.
  • Fast Installation: Our power generators are designed for fast and efficient installation, minimizing downtime and allowing you to start generating power as quickly as possible.
  • Slow-Turning Prime Mover: The slow-turning prime mover ensures reliable and efficient power generation while reducing wear and tear on the equipment, prolonging its lifespan.
  • Flexible Fuels: Our power generator is compatible with various fuel options, including diesel, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), natural gas, flare gas, dual fuel, wash oil, and blended fuels. This flexibility allows you to choose the most cost-effective and readily available fuel source for your specific requirements.
  • Low Speed (720–750 RPM): The low-speed operation of our power generator contributes to its durability, efficiency, and reduced maintenance needs.
  • 5,000 Horsepower: With a power output of 5,000 horsepower, our generator delivers robust performance and reliability for demanding applications.
  • High Efficiency and Long Life: Our power generator is designed for high efficiency, ensuring optimal energy conversion and reduced fuel consumption. It also boasts a long operational life, providing you with reliable power generation for years to come.

In addition to power generation stations, our power generator can be utilized for emergency backup power and water supply applications. The generator can be integrated with desalination attachments, allowing for waste heat recovery desalination and the production of over 60,000 gallons of freshwater per day.

Our waste heat recovery desalination system utilizes the generator's waste heat to evaporate seawater, creating distilled water. The system operates under a vacuum, reducing scale precipitation and ensuring high-quality freshwater production with less than 5 ppm total dissolved solids. The system is self-contained, assembled on a rigid steel skid, and includes all necessary components such as the evaporator shell, tube bundles, distillate pump, educators, valves, control panels, and instrumentation.

Choose Advance Green Energy's Power Generator for efficient, reliable, and versatile power generation solutions. Experience the benefits of our advanced technology and comprehensive support, ensuring your power needs are met while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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